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Madison Media Services offers an array of mobile app development services to small businesses and startups throughout the US. Mobile app development has become a must-have for any business. The world is increasingly becoming more advanced with the constant innovation of new technologies of mobile apps. Mobile app development is a way to add on to this technology by making your everyday tasks easier. In a general sense, mobile application development is a set of programs that perform different tasks as per business requirements.

We have developed mobile apps to fit all types of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs and even global enterprises. We use cutting-edge tools, technologies, and data sets to deliver the best mobile experience possible. Some of our projects include social media, gaming and entertainment, live streaming, taxi services, GPS, or even wearable’s and the Internet of Things. The trends in mobile development are also something we’re well versed in.

Our Approach

For an app to be successful, three conditions must exist: necessity (people need it), awareness (people know about it), and usability (people enjoy using it). If a brand lacks one of these, its mobile app will fail. Widely Interactive will help you make sure your mobile app has the right strategy for success. We’ll quickly brainstorm ideas and assess risks, avoid common pitfalls, and execute with ingenuity.


A lot of people have a great idea for an app. They may even be able to describe it. But they don’t know how to implement it. So in this phase, we lead brainstorming sessions and perform research to create a plan for moving forward. We design wire-frames of the interface, and we propose a strategy for the app to move from idea to execution.


Mobile app prototyping is step one in the process of creating a fully featured mobile application. Over time, this phase’ll help nail down the look and feel of the UI as well as design page transitions and functionality. The prototype is the end result of this step, and it’ll be used as a model for future work.


Our philosophy is lean startup. Therefore, we believe in the minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is a version of your mobile app that will be launched to customers. It contains only the necessary components to validate your idea. This keeps costs in check as you prove that your mobile app idea has market demand. Once launched, the MVP will provide you with the desired feedback so you can make decisions based on customer needs and desires.


Your mobile app launched, and it’s growing rapidly. How do you scale? You need to manage two important things: performance tuning and feature improvements. Because scaling is about the effective management of success, it’s essential to have a large threshold that exceeds your current amount of growth. In addition, your products require continual improvement based on reviews and ratings from customers.

Find out what Madison Media Services can do for you. Contact us now for a free consultation. We can run through the finer details of your application and get down to building it.

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